The challenge of shopping for jeans…..


Shopping for jeans..always a challenge, but if you can manage the right mind set, you do get through it. Me, I have a ritual, most important the kids need to be in school, this is something I need to do alone.
In an ideal scenario I would have worked out before shopping, showered and put on enough makeup that I would want to see the whole picture in a mirror, throw on leggings or sweats with flip flops, much easier to try things on with flip flops, almost like I was making a statement, “if I have to do this, it will be on my terms”.
I prefer shopping for jeans in a mall where there is more than one store to look in, almost like a back up plan. This way when the first pair I try on doesn’t fit right I wont be too concerned, it would be the stores fault for not carrying the ‘quality’ of jeans I am looking for and I would know there are many other stores ahead of me. But before any stores I need my starbucks, I need to have my chai latte’ in my hand as I walk around and take a mental survey of the stores that are worthy of my patronage.
I guess we all know how it goes from here, it is rare to get ‘lucky’ with the first pair and if you actually leave the mall with the perfect pair, that is even rarer, but oh how sweet it is to find the right pair with the perfect fit. The air of confidence when you leave the store is almost glowing.
So, having said all of that, let me tell you about the jeans that actually work but are underrated in my opinion. While my belt has saved many a pair of jeans as well as many outfits, sometimes I find a pair of jeans that do not need my belt and actually fit like they are supposed to. NY & Company ‘bootcut’ jeans do just that!!

The waist is not too small that it doesn’t fit over your butt and at the same time it sits very comfortably just below waist, (which is sometimes misleading but in my case it is directly under my belly button). I always find the description confusing as to where your “natural waist” is and to make it even more confusing I do not think the stores use the same guidelines, at least it doesn’t seem like they do. I did not order these on line, I did purchase directly from the store but I love that they are available on line and in my opinion a very reasonable price of $59.95. When I purchased them I was able to use one of the many coupons NY & Company offer which is just an added bonus:)

I am forever searching for the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans, I’ll let you know what I find:))


My biggest critic;

My determination to find a low-profile belt started over two years ago, as I have explained on the History page of the Beltless Belt site. Who would have thought my biggest critic would have been my daughter?

So Hanna is now 13 and she knows almost everything, or so she says. While I was in the process of designing the belt and going through the trial and error stage, she pointed out to me on a regular basis all the reasons this would not work but, in a way, that was a good thing; it just made me more determined to prove her wrong.

At first, she explained to me that this was not the style, that wearing shirts half in, half out was in style now and low-profile belts were not necessary because it was ok to show any belt. I explained to her that that was not the purpose of this belt. She didn’t get it. She than went on to explain to me that if nobody was going to see the belt, what was the purpose of wearing it? So, I went on to explain to her that sometimes even the right pair of jeans, may not fit right in some places and again she didn’t get it.

And the last argument she had, which was a good one, and I quote, went “but mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but we can get belts with tiny buckles”, and I explained to her that what she said was exactly the problem: any buckle, no matter how small, would protrude even slightly, And she did what any normal teenager would do; she shook her head, gave me a kiss and walked away.

Up until now, after many months of positive feedback from those who have purchased the belt, other than the occasional look, my daughter has not offered any new criticism, so when she came to talk to me during my workout, the last thing I was thinking about was the belt.
She started by saying; “mommy, I never thought I would ask you this”, my reaction as any mothers would be was an instant headache, “yes dear” was all I could manage, “could I borrow the belt when I go out tonight”?